Entry #1

First Post

2010-03-02 22:26:42 by solomen

Hey to anyone reading this. It's me. I don't really have anything important to say. I've been slowly working on a bunch of songs that might eventually find their way up to newgrounds. I also have pointless videos for The Philosophers Lamentation, Awaiting The Grinders Coming, and Exit on the Left, up on youtube, under the same names. The sound quality is higher if that's a selling point.

I love comments for my songs, and any song that I still have the original file for I'd be happy to improve and edit based on any suggestions anyone has. Also, I decided to put up some art I made on the art page. I haven't been scouted yet, not that any of it is anything that special, but feel free to check it out. Thanks for listening... or reading?


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2010-03-20 11:40:05

Oh my god, sup.